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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Strengthening Our Faith in God

I subscribe to LDS Gems, a daily e-mail of quotes and thoughts. I have used several here on this blog. I got one today that I would like to share. It's by Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve.

However much faith to obey God we now have, we will need to strengthen it continually and keep it refreshed constantly. We can do that by deciding now to be more quick to obey and more determined to endure. Learning to start early and to be steady are the keys to spiritual preparation. Procrastination and inconsistency are its mortal enemies.

Let me suggest to you four settings in which to practice quick and steady obedience. One is the command to feast upon the word of God. A second is to pray always. A third is the commandment to be a full-tithe payer. And the fourth is to escape from sin and its terrible effects. Each takes faith to start and then to persevere. And all can strengthen your capacity to know and obey the Lord's commands. (emphasis added)

This is not to say that if you read your scriptures and pray, that your trials will be taken from you, or that you will suddenly be straight. It means that as we submit our will to God's, we will have the strength and the ability to move past the sins which do so easily beset (us).

Having the Faith to obey God has been an unstated theme of several of my posts. I can see in the above quote some areas in which I can improve and plan to try to do so.


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